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Teskyer ID Badge Holder with Lanyard,Upgrated Vertical Leather ID Badge Card Holder with 1 Clear ID Window and 3 Card Slots and a Soft Flat Nylon Lanyard

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  • Amazon purchase link:https://www.amazon.com/Holder-Lanyard-Upgrated-Vertical-Leather/dp/B089YCF89G
  • ID Badge Holder Structure: The id holder has a clear id window and a card slot on the front, and 2 card slots on the back. it's very convenient for you to take credit cards, metro cards, or key cards with you!
  • Easy to use: You can swipe your cards directly without taking cards out. We add 2 finger groove on the ID window and the back card slot, so you can take out your cards quickly if needed. We replaced a bigger strong D-ring to make it suitable for all kinds of retractable badge reels.
  • Premium Leather Material: Adopt soft durable PU leather, and handmade by skilled workers in our own factory, stitching tight and neatly, made to last!
  • ID holder with Lanyard: Our lanyards made by flat nylon rope, which is soft, smooth, skin-friendly, and not easy wrinkle, knot, or crack.
  • Product Specification: ID holder size is 2.8*5 inch, lanyard length is 20 inch, fit standard bank card size cards.